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Home, Sweet Home


'Man with Bowler Tryptich'






The 3d On Canvas Project

The following images are part of a series of paintings which are first conceptualized and created in a 3d Software application (mostly Zbrush)

 and will then be printed out on Canvas.Once printed they will undergo a further painting process

 which may or may not drastically change the appearance of the initial digital image.
Having the digital source at my disposal allows me to create a series of variations of one theme

 I might otherwise not even think of or which would be extremely complicated to achieve.


'The Message', 110x130 cm

Has been printed already.


T H E  S L E E P  W A T C H E R S


The Sleep Watcher Twins.
They were both born into an in-between dimension, between here and there, now and then.
This dimension unfortunately is isolated by a silence so dead and so cold that any living being there falls into a grim madness within days.
The two brothers however can sometimes see and hear certain human individuals in our dimension

and their human noise and chatter is the only thing that distracts the brothers from the cold dead silence surrounding them.
It is not known under which conditions they can get in "touch" with humans and why then only with a few "chosen" ones.
Being so depended on human noise the twins have developed a deep hatred for the calmness of sleep

 and thus their nightly objective is to disturb human sleep by bringing bad dreams into the peoples minds.
One Brother- the kinder one- constantly whispers confusing suggestions into the sleepers ear.
The dreams he evokes are actually not necessarily horrible, but utterly bizarre and cause an agitated and not very recreative sleep.
The other Brother cannot whisper. In fact, he can't talk at all, because although the brothers are indeed twins,

he was born with a malformed mouth, which filled him with even more hatred and makes him the far more dangerous sleep watcher

.He stares down at the sleeping personwith such intense grimness and such a strong penetrating presence that the dreams he is planting into ones head

 can only be described as unspeakable terrifying.













T H E  F L E S H













T H E  R O O M











B A C O N  3D


a digital tribute to Francis Bacon




Part 2: Scream in a Box - modeled in Zbrush, compositing in Photoshop



Part 1: Tryptichon - modeled in Zbrush, compositing in Photoshop