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N A R R E N T U R M -  T H E  F O O L ' S  T O W E R



These are photographs of "freaks" which are from the scientific collection

 in an institute in Vienna .The institute is called "Der Narrenturm" which

 could be translated as "The Fool's Tower".The Fool's Tower was 

established in 1784 as as the first psychiatric hospital.1866 it was closed 

and used as a nurse hostel, physicians official residences and a depot 

of university clinics. Since 1971 the pathological-anatomical federal museum 

is accommodated in the Fool's tower .  The very kind and cooperative Management 

of Der Narrenturm gave me the permission to photograph the collection .

These children were all born dead . Some of them didn't even have a brain . 

I was impressed by the expression in their faces . From the photograph

one gets an evens stronger impression of life and emotion.

The frozen moment of the photograph does not  tell whether they might be moving or not.

These pictures are not shown for the cheap horror or  any other disrespectful voyeuristic

 reasons. On the contrary, I find there is beauty in them; and

 they leave us with the question what kind of consciousness had lived inside these

little bodies, in the short period of their existence .



E N T E R  T H E  F O O L ' S  T O W E R